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The feevr Professional Services team will come to you, with our expertise to make sure all your employees and attendees are maintaining a safe and healthy environment. feevr’s team works directly with customers to do site surveys, policies, procedures for all customer locations.

We use a simple 3 step process

1 - Site Survey
Whether you’re looking to setup your business with cameras, or your throwing a one-time event, we’ll come to the venue and take the appropriate measurements and diagnostics.

2 - Setting Up
Our team will then bring our cameras and equipment to make sure everything is properly setup and get you off the ground running from day one.

3 - Follow Up
After a few days, we’ll come back to make sure everything is running smoothly and make an necessary adjustments.

Stadiums/Sporting Arenas/Large Venues

Sporting/Exercise Facilities

Churches/Places of Worship


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When FEEVR detects an individual with high or abnormal temperatures, it will be captured on the screen. An alert will be triggered discreetly to notify the authority and bring the potential infected individual for further medical examination.

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