Developed by X.Labs, feevr is a quick and effective artificial intelligence (AI) based system for screening and detecting individuals with an elevated skin temperature. The solution enables the user to identify individuals with an elevated temperature efficiently and effectively. An elevated temperature is a possible key indicator of an infectious disease. feevr is a non contact based system which prevents the chances of cross infection.

Utilizing a thermal imaging camera and an AI based mobile app integrated with an Android device, feevr's solution automatically alerts the user when a scanned individual’s temperature exceeds a predetermined threshold, allowing for immediate intervention.

Being able to quickly and efficiently identify individuals with an elevated body temperature is key to detecting and isolating those individuals that require additional medical tests in order to minimize the spread of a virus as well as prevent cross contamination.

feevr has a proprietary AI face detection algorithm that detects and isolates an individuals forehead which overlays the thermal detection to identify the indicative temperature to detect a possible elevated skin temperature.

Other thermal devices only provide the thermal image and do not detect or alert on actual temperature. 

Feevr reads the skin temperature of the region of an individual's forehead which has a direct correlation to the temporal artery. The temporal artery's frontal branch contains blood vessels that run across the forehead just below the skin and when the body’s core temperature increases, the forehead surface temperature increases. The average temperature range for the forehead is 90.5°F - 95.2°F (32.5°C - 35.1°C).

The Feevr device will alert the user when the forehead skin temperature exceeds 98.0°F.  There are a number of variables that could impact the accuracy of surface skin temperature measurement including, but not limited to indoor/outdoor air temperature, alcohol consumption, exercise, wind chill and/or direct sunlight.

Feevr optimally functions in stable air temperatures such as an enclosed environment. 

Feevr is both. We provide a hardware platform, consisting of an Android device and a thermal imaging camera, encapsulated in a case. The Feevr mobile app allows the user to start scanning individuals for indications of an elevated skin temperature.

Feevr is extremely user friendly. The AI based mobile app combined with the thermal hardware concentrates only on the person's facial area, in particular the forehead, ignoring other temperatures in the field of view (FOV), to detect an indicative body temperature.

Feevr includes an Android phone and thermal hardware. Ideally the device is mounted on the supplied tripod in order to allow a fixed scanning solution. However, scanning people by using only the Feevr device as a handheld is possible.

As an operator, if the person has a skin temperature over the default limit of 98.0°F, a visual alert will be displayed and a screenshot will be taken of the alert and stored on the device. The rectangle around the face will also turn red.

The Feevr packaging includes:

Android Device
Thermal Imaging Camera
Feevr Case
Battery Pack

Wireless Charging Kit

Additional battery packs are available to purchase which allow your feevr unit to last longer than 18-20 hours.

feevr provides an indicative temperature of possible fever by measuring the forehead skin temperature by using thermal imaging. This allows the user to identify a possible elevated temperature in an individual and process for secondary screening.

Call Feevr at 877-566-2836 or email us at support@feevr.tech.

Yes. Our legal team is pretty adamant that we disclose the following:

- Feevr is only to be used to perform a preliminary scan.
- Feevr provides only the forehead skin temperature.
- Feevr can not detect internal core temperature, however it presents a reference level and enables the user to catch outliers

For an overview of FDA cleared devices, please click here.

Please note thermographic systems intended for initial skin temperature measurement (for triage use) are regulated under:21 CFR 884.2980(a) – telethermographic system intended for adjunctive use.