It should be noted that the usual 98.6-degree normal reading is for core body temperature, not skin temperature, which is usually considerably lower, rising and falling with the ambient temperature and ranges between 89.0 F – 98.0F

Skin temperature depends on air temperature and time spent in that environment. The normal temperature of the skin is about 33 °C or 91 °F. In order to remain comfortable, the human body must maintain such skin temperature and be in thermal equilibrium with the environment.

With Feevr, an average temperature is calculated by taking the temperature on 2 spots on the face, the inner eyelid and the forehead. This combined temperature gives the most accurate display of whether or not an elevated body temperature is present.

The optimal use for the feevr device will be in a stable, room temperature, indoor environment and have the person being scanned, adjust to the stable environment, if entering from outside, before being scanned by the feevr device.

Environmental impacts such as direct sunlight, alcohol consumption and exercise does increase the skin temperature.

Feevr is not a medical device and is not intended for any diagnosis or clinical measurements. Feevr is only to be used to perform a preliminary scan and is intended for screening individuals or monitoring an individual for potential elevated skin temperatures. It is not a substitute for a clinical thermometer. Always use a clinical thermometer as a secondary screening protocol  when high accuracy body temperature measurements are required.